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Compliance with GDPR

When you send your data by using any form in this website (, you are agreeing that your data are used to communicate with you, in strict compliance with the GDPR.

a) Processing of Personal Data is an online platform owned by Tegarte. As a user of our online platform, the Client/User is aware of and accepts that Personal Data are processed according to this Privacy Policy.

In compliance with the obligations inherent to the General Data Protection Regulation, Tegarte. commits to informing the Client/User about the objectives and how your Personal Data are treated (collection, storage, processing, transfer and deletion), ensuring that they are collected, shared and stored, according to the best practices in the field of security and information protection.

Tegarte. also commits to requiring the same level of confidentiality and security from subcontractors, since they might process your Personal Data in the name and on behalf of Tegarte.

Your Personal Data will always and under any circumstance be used following the principles of transparency to ensure that we provide you with the best service.

b) Collection of Personal Data

The term "Personal Data" corresponds to the set of information related to you and enabling us to identify you, directly or indirectly. Your Personal Data may include, for example, your name, your financial identification number, your contacts, your transactions and interactions with us.

When creating or signing up to your online account on our website, Tegarte. asks for the following Personal Data so that you can use the website to know, consult, place your orders and whenever you contact us:

Identification details: name, gender, date of birth;

Contact details: email, telephone number, address;

Billing data: financial identification number, country, credit/debit card holder’s name, card number, expiration date and security code.

We may also request the following data, for the purposes of marketing, offers, disclosures, and others:

Transactional data associated with the purchase of our products or use of our services - e.g. transaction date/time, type of transaction, item, coupon used, among others;

Interaction data with Tegarte. collected while providing ancillary customer support services - e.g. registering and recording of calls, complaints, suggestions, among others.

c) Responsible of Personal Data

The Privacy Policy applies to all received and processed Personal Data, being responsible for the processing of Personal Data under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and complementary legislation on Personal Data protection in force in the countries in which Tegarte. operates.

Tegarte. and employees are committed to using your Personal Data only for the purposes communicated to you, and always in a secure and responsible manner.

d) Use of Personal Data

Your Personal Data is USED in a transparent and responsible manner with the following objectives:

Client management: provision of ancillary services related to the use of our services or purchase of our products (including billing, home deliveries and other customer support services, such as complaints management);

Marketing: promotion of the relationship with the Client/User through the communication of offers and benefits, via e-mail and SMS, hobbies, newsletters;

Analysis and reports: analysis, studies or internal reports with the aim of facilitating decision making and improving our services;

Opinion surveys: conduction of surveys and market reserach;

Management and improvement of the Loyalty Program, within the context of your subscription to the Loyalty Program, which includes, in addition to the purposes, calculation and attribution of benefits; development, management and communication of general offers and personalised offers; analysis of your preferences as a consumer in order to customise the offer of products to your interests; presentation of new partnerships extending the benefits of the Loyalty Program.

In some cases, we may disclose your Personal Data to subcontractors, within the context of services provided by them, as service providers (e.g. information technology services, communication sending services, customer support services).

In these cases, we require that these subcontractors have adequate security measures to protect your Personal Data.

e) Security of Personal Data

We have a variety of information security measures available, in line with the best national and international practices, in order to protect your Personal Data, including technological controls, administrative, technical, physical measures and procedures that guarantee the protection of your Personal Data, preventing its misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure, its loss, its undue or accidental alteration, or its unauthorised destruction.

Among others, we highlight the following measures:

Access to your Personal Data restricted to only those who need them for the purposes described;

Storage and transfer of Personal Data only in a secure manner;

Protection of information systems through mechanisms that prevent unauthorised access to your Personal Data;

Implementation of mechanisms that guarantee the safeguarding of the integrity and quality of your Personal Data;

Permanent monitoring of information systems, with the aim of preventing, detecting and impeding the misuse of your Personal Data;

Redundancy of the equipment for the storage, processing and communication of Personal Data, in order to avoid loss of avalilability.

f) Retention of Personal Data

We keep your Personal Data only as long as necessary to fulfil the defined purposes, following the criteria defined by the Regulation or the Law.

Once we reach the maximum time of retention previously decided, your Personal Data are made anonymous or destroyed/deleted in a secure manner.

Your Personal Data are retained according to the periods of conservation imposed by the legislation and regulations in force, namely taking your activities into account.

Your Personal Data may be kept for the following periods:

When you contact us to request information, we keep your Personal Data for as long as necessary to process and fulfil your request;

We retain your Personal Data used for direct marketing until you cancel the authorisation or ask us to delete them, in keeping with the terms of the legislation in force. In this case, we will only preserve the information necessary to guarantee your right to object in accordance with legal regulations and rules. Personal Data related to candidates are stored for one year after your last visit to the candidate's space.

Cookies are stored until the user removes them from his/her browser.

g) Your rights regarding the management of your Personal Data

Right to be informed: you may request additional information about how we use your Personal Data;

Right of access: you may access or request access to your Personal Data;

Right to data portability: you may request the transfer of the Personal Data you provided to us;

Right to rectification: you may request the correction or update of your Personal Data;

Right to be forgotten: you may request the erasure of your Personal Data, when permitted by the law or the contract;

Right to restriction of processing: you may request the restriction of the way we use your Personal Data, while we correct them or clarify possible doubts about their content or the use we make of them;

Right to object: you may contest the decisions that are based on your Personal Data.

At any time, you also have the right to withdraw or change the consent you have given us to use your Personal Data, when it has legitimised their use.

To exercise your rights to protect Personal Data, or whenever you have questions about the use we make of your Personal Data, you should contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You can submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission (NDPC) - Address: Rua de São Bento, 148 - 3º, 1200-821 Lisbon, Portugal - Telephone: +351 213928400 - Fax: +351 213976832 – E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

h) Cookies

We use cookies on the platform to improve performance and the browsing experience, on the one hand, increasing the speed and efficiency of response and, on the other hand, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

The placement of cookies not only helps our websites to recognise the Client’s/User’s device the next time he/she visits them, but it will also be essential for their functioning.

The cookies used do not collect personal information that allows the identification of the Client/User, since they only keep generic information, namely the form or location/country of access of the Client/User and the way they use the websites, among others. Cookies retain only information related to the Client’s/User’s preferences.


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